A Society Corrupted


The world today is driven by selfishness and greed. The sociological change in society has corrupted the modern world. Even the technological marvels of today has all but cemented the instant gratification mentality that has swept over societies, It is known that many of our values, the decorum, etiquette and morals are all past down from our parents to each subsequent generation. We learn by example from a very early age and yet the cultural tide today keeps pushing back the virtue and high moral values that played an eternal part of our society up until the mid 1960’s. When we really take a good hard look at our society today we find a society that is corrupted from within. The youth of yesterday are now the parents of today. And with that we find so many of our adults and youth making decisions that they are really not capable mentally to make. As a consequence are moral values have been corrupted.

How this stark reversal of our society happened actually began by the mid 1960’s. A gradual weakening

How to Register a Society in Singapore


According to current legislation, the society should have at least 10 persons, the majority of whom should be citizens of Singapore and its nature should not be a company, association, partnership, a co-operative, a mutual benefit organization, a trade union, foreign insurers or a learning institution committee.

Furthermore, the President, Treasurer and the Secretary of the society must also be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents. These and the requirements for the society to be majorly composed of Singapore Citizens are null and void if.

– The society is religious in nature.

– The society is represented by single race members.

– The society’s objectives and activities are to promote any cause of interest or discuss an issue which pertains to particular genders or sexual orientation.

– The society’s objectives and activities are to promote and represent a person or group of persons who are promoting or advocating civil or political issues such as civil rights, human rights or animal rights.

– The society’s objectives are to promote the use of or status of any language.

– The society’s objective is to

Managing Self Identity In Society Tips To Improving It


Learning how to control reactions to negative situations, emotions and people, eliminating stress and worry factors, making positive change a constant are all parts of building a strong sense of self-identity that can be achieved through various proven techniques, reveal experts.

Sociologist to psychologists studying the phenomenon of self in society have come up with various tips for improving self-identity in society for individuals that find it hard to manage their reactions to situations and people and are continually bemused about their state in the society. They advise learning skills that can positive influence their decision making, including life-style choices that make or break them, by learning to detect bad choices early in life and avoid these consciously.

This is only possible through a series of proven techniques, such as self-talk, insightful contemplation, practiced meditation (Reiki, yoga, etc.) that help the individual achieve a level of higher consciousness that reveals to them how to make good decisions to perform their daily tasks.

As a thinking member of a developing and living society, you first need to understand why you will need to exercise these new

Towards A Successful Society Healthcare And Capitalist Evangelism

The success of any society is ultimately determined by how well its population lives and dies. Within this paradigm of “successful population” are two fundamental elements – individual and collective wellness. A successful society therefore embodies the notion that both individuals and the overall population are well, and these two measures are reasonable assessments of the wellness, and hence the success of any given society.

In other words, the success of a society can be assessed, characterized, and understood through these two main measures. To break it down, individual wellness consists of answering the question: does the society reasonably allow and encourage individuals to be well? Secondly, does the society allow and encourage wellness for the entire population from birth to death? To the latter question, the most important component of population wellness and hence, societal success, is the degree to which the sum of individual wellness creates collective wellness. The single-most important component of population wellness is a high level of population health, measured by the numbers of individuals who are well or have reasonable access to being well.

The four scenarios below represent a summary snapshot of healthcare systems currently in existence in the

The Elite NYC Society

One could say that NYC society is itself made up of many societies, each with its own focus and agenda.

While normally the term “NYC society” refers to rich and/or famous socialites, the fact is that a society is in its most basic form, an association or organization¬† of like-minded people.

One interesting NYC society calls itself just that – “The Society.” Billed as a “culture club for the creative class,” this organization aims to bring more people into contact with the fine and performing arts who would not normally have the opportunity for such experiences, and to provide new and unique cultural experiences for its members.

The Society is only one of virtually hundreds of such organizations in the Big Apple, each of which considers itself a NYC society. Many a NYC society is built around ethnic identity; one such NYC society is the Hispanic Society of America. Dating back over a hundred years, this organization seeks to preserve and promote the diverse cultures and histories of Spanish-speaking peoples from Madrid, Spain to Manila, Philippines – and everywhere in between.

Similarly, the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) is a NYC society devoted

Building Societies in the UK What Does the Future Hold

As the Yorkshire Building Society is about to take over the Chelsea Building Society I thought it would be worth taking a look at what is happening in the mutual building society sector in the UK.

Just to explain the term, mutual refers to a financial institution where the savers and borrowers actually own the capital of the business and no shareholders exist. The organisation is run for the benefit of its members and not shareholders.

The current economic climate and the continuing fallout from the “credit crunch” is forcing some of the smaller societies and some of the not so small building societies to seek the help of larger more stable institutions to ensure they are protecting the interests of their members.

There have been a number of high profile rescues by the Nationwide Building Society, the UK’s largest mutual society in the last 12 months. They have had to step in to rescue the Cheshire, the Derbyshire and the Dunfermline Building Societies.

It appears this trend is set to continue as smaller societies struggle to cope with the current trading environment. However, it is not just the smaller societies that are struggling,

Is This a Yes Society

Do we tend to agree with everything that happens in society or do we question things that are incorrect or wrong. In order to have a balance society it is important for people to be able to disagree when things are wrong. If the society does not question the decisions that are made by the leaders it could have the effect that a balance view of the society is not heard. So it would be essential that the views of everyone in society should have a platform.

Democratic Societies

In many democratic societies it would be hoped that people would have the option to express their views. The idea of a “yes” society could indicate that everyone is not able to express their opinion. It could also suggest that every one is not getting a true view of the truth. The important thing in a democratic society is that every one has a right to vote. The ability to vote gives everyone the ability to say if they agree with or disagree with the current ruling government.

The Right of Voting

This right to vote has been won by many years of struggle on

What is a Monocultural Society

Do you live in a mono-cultural or multi-cultural society?. Often we find it difficult to define. What is a mono- cultural society?

Most experts agree that the essential traits of a mono-cultural society are a common heritage, belief structure, language and usually a mono-racial identity. Since we live in a more globalized World, many of our societies are essentially multi-cultural. But still many of today’s societies still share the common traits of a mono-cultural society.

What are these common traits?

1. A common heritage

The historical heritage of the society could be based on a perception that the nations, food, language, attitudes, racial features and religious beliefs are an essential element to the nations identity.

2. A shared belief structure

The majority of the citizens of a country have a shared belief structure, based on the nation’s heritage. These beliefs form the national identity, and ‘psyche,’ which create to many a stronger bonded society, but to detractors a nation which loses out on the benefits of a multi-cultural ethnic society.

3. An inward looking ‘psyche’

To many, mono-cultural societies tend to look inwards, rather than outwards, and this can show

Is This a Yes Society

Do we tend to agree with everything that happens in society or do we question things that are incorrect or wrong. In order to have a balance society it is important for people to be able to disagree when things are wrong. If the society does not question the decisions that are made by the leaders it could have the effect that a balance view of the society is not heard. So it would be essential that the views of everyone in society should have a platform.

Democratic Societies

In many democratic societies it would be hoped that people would have the option to express their views. The idea of a “yes” society could indicate that everyone is not able to express their opinion. It could also suggest that every one is not getting a true view of the truth. The important thing in a democratic society is that every one has a right to vote. The ability to vote gives everyone the ability to say if they agree with or disagree with the current ruling government.

The Right of Voting

This right to vote has been won by many years of struggle on

The Tyranny of Experts Part II Experts and Civil Society

Experts are valuable, necessary contributors to our diverse and specialized society. But they cannot and should not be used to constitute or replace civil society. Indeed, the idea that anyone can claim to be a civil society expert is troubling. Civil society needs to be composed of a broad and diverse array of people throughout our societies. The internet offers us an opportunity to radically expand civil society, to debate all of the ideas and ideologies that shape the world, and to publish our speech around the world. We cannot abandon this field to experts, particularly not the much vaunted experts of civil society.

What is an expert? Experts and expertise are usually recognized through degrees earned, publications, experience and notoriety. There are good reasons for each of these things. But each of them can also be troubling. If degrees and titles make experts, then we need to carefully, critically examine the curriculum, the quality, and the ideological biases of our degree offering institutions. If publications make experts, we need to be aware of the obscurity or audience of journals and the public and private funding sources for research. Experience is very valuable; but there are plenty

Cinema The True Reflector Of Society

They are indeed optimists, who know that cinemas are the true reflectors of society. From origin, cinemas act as the mirrors & simulate incidents that happen in society. Cinemas give not only recreation, entertainment but also create awareness, education and enthrall millions of people across the nation about the hidden aspects of the society & social prospect.

“A cinema stands for humanism, tolerance, for reason, for progress, for adventures of ideas and for the search of communal truth and reflects social aspects.” The earliest film of the world presented on screen named “La sortie des quvriers de l’usine Lumiere” is a true reflector of a factual story that happened in Paris which was directed by Lumiere Bros. The cinema in the world has remained a myth, inspite of the fact of reflecting the society, a stage came to film makers overcome the barrier by taking the trouble to match cinema stories close to society. “Cinemas in a community are like windows which look out on broader, richer & deeper things of life.”

As all oriental societies, the Indian society too has been nourished on societal facts from mythology. Extracts from mythology closely related to happenings of

Redevelopment Of Co Operative Housing Societies

With the real estate prices touching a new high, residents in old buildings are now discovering that they have an opportunity to unlock immense value from their property by offering it to a builder/developer for redevelopment. Developers, on their part, are also on the lookout for properties with unused development rights where they can build a new structure of a few storeys higher and sell those additional flats for a tidy profit for them. While it may sound like a typical ‘win-win’ situation, the process of redevelopment isn’t as easy as it sounds. It comes with a set of rules, procedures and implications which you need to understand.

It is needless to mention here that the Redevelopment of housing societies is usually burdened with bitterness and complaints of high-handedness and corruption against the Managing Committee. Hence, with a view to ensure transparency in societies seeking to undertake redevelopment projects, the State Co-Operative Department has, for the first time, issued guidelines for societies to follow under section 79 (A) of the Maharashtra Co-operatives act, 1960.
The recent guidelines are issued by a committee comprising the co-operatives commissioner and CIDCO chairman pursuant to a deep study of complaints by

Caring for Society Finches

For the homeowner or pet owner who wants to have a pet bird to bond with and play with, Society Finches may be your best answer. This finch birds are called that simply because of their extremely sociable nature. These birds, unlike other types of finches are willing to sit and bond with their owner. What makes them even more remarkable is that they get on pretty well with other types of birds, not limited to their own species. They are also known to breed quite easily, and make for very responsible and good parents. They are the ideal birds for the homeowner looking for companionship, or a first time finch breeder, who want to have an easier time at taking care of their pet.

Should you want to keep this kind of bird in your home, here are a couple of tips to ensure their overall health and well-bring.

Tips for Keeping Society Finches

1. Keep Society Finches in pairs or colonies- As their name suggests, these little pets are very social in nature. They really need the company of other birds to thrive and survive. It will be pointless to keep a lone

Today s Frugal Tip Skin Care

In today’s society, people are trying to save money any way that they can. With today’s tip, you will not only be saving money, but looking good while doing it. I have personally been using this tip for months, and I can say that I am pleasantly surprised with the results.

There are so many facial scrubs out on the market that it’s enough to make a person dizzy just trying to decide which one to try. I’m going to make it simple, do not buy any of them. Instead go to your supermarket and buy a bag or box of sugar and a lemon.

Yes, I said sugar. After you’ve bought your sugar, put some in a cute little container to keep by your sink. Splash some water on your face to wet it, take a teaspoon or so in the palm of your hand, and scrub the dirt, makeup, and oil off of your skin. For an extra boost, squeeze that lemon to get its juice and use that juice as an astringent. Pat dry with a soft washcloth and then use your favorite moisturizer to lightly moisturize your face. A little moisturizer goes

What Is a Cat Care Society

When you are considering getting a family pet or an addition to your house pets, you may want to look over some organizations like a cat care society. These organizations are found in different places and may be visited anytime. You can access their website and check out their services.

Oftentimes, they provide shelter for stray unwanted cats. They have trained people working for them who are innately cat lovers. The cats housed in these types of places are given the best care, nutrition, shelter and human interaction like any other house pet.

These cat care societies are often funded by donations or sponsorships. They also make ways to raise funds to be able to sustain a healthy and clean environment. A cat care society may also sponsor trainings, seminars, and educational programs that will help disseminate right and proper information.

They also tackle issues on overpopulation, responsible cat ownership and humane treatment of cats. They may also go to communities to extend help to cat owners and tend to the stray cats in an area. The people who work in a cat care society are always willing to help cats and their owners. They

How a Lady Can Take the Measures to Better Herself and Society

Have you ever felt less about yourself? Do you complain and grumble that others around you are doing better in their lives? And do you envy these people constantly? If those are the cases with you, fear not because there is still hope and light. In this article I show how a lady can make the smart moves to better herself and society.

· Upgrade your looks

You should regularly take care of your facial skin and wear light makeup with lipstick when you go out. You can even get a nice, stylish hair cut for a change. You will feel bold and confident, and people will admire and respect you. So take a note of it: be sure to upgrade how you look.

· Trim Yourself a bit

Trimming yourself a little may be challenging but it is worth the attempt. Become a member of a gym and exercise for a while. If you do not like going to the gym, walk around your block for 10 minutes. Cut portions of your meals and drink plenty of water. You will start looking attractive to the opposite gender and begin to enjoy good and

Finch Care Tips Society Finches

The society finch is a domesticated hybrid descendant of several species of the finch family. Its’ wild counterpart is a native bird of tropical Asia. This bubbly little bird has been a favorite for hundreds of years, firstly in China and then Japan. Both the male and the female are identical but their behavioral patterns are quite different when it comes to the breeding season. Another way to tell the sexes apart is to listen to their contact calls, although this can be quite difficult to describe. It is their wonderful song that has made these little birds so popular throughout the ages and why they are so popular today.

It is now known that the Society finch is related to the White-rump manikin and the striated finch. Looking at this domesticated hybrid it is clear that the relationship is there. There are many accepted color varieties of the society finch and there are some other mutations and colors to be seen. Several hybrids have feather mutations in the form of a crest and some of have frills that cover the entire body which some find a little unattractive.

These little finches are prolific breeders and

Everyday Health Tips For Real People

Easy everyday things you can do to live a healthier life.

One thing that stops most people when it comes to changing their lifestyle, is the notion that they have to completely reinvent a way of living in order to achieve better health. This simply is not the case.

For instance join a gym or lifting weights is not something that everyone can do but that does not mean there aren’t other options that are readily available that can produce the same or similar results. The biggest secret to living a healthier lifestyle is mindset!

Little decisions you make every day can make big changes in your appearance and the way you feel. For instance your trips to the grocery store can either be a junk food buying spree or you can purchase foods that actually help heal your body as well as taste good.

The old saying “you are what you eat” really is pretty accurate. And with all the bad food choices are available to us today it’s easy to go down the wrong path. Getting back to the mindset of being healthy, one of the biggest factors in losing weight is

Pet Society Guide The Key to Profitable Pet Society Fishing

There is certainly a push in recent months to add fishing to as many games as achievable. If you’ve ever played a “pay to play” on the web game, you probably enjoyed the fishing mechanic there too. So, it can be no surprise that there is such a dedicated community for Pet Society fishing – people who spend time every and every single day attempting to get the rare items you can pull out of the fishing pond within the center of town. Let’s take a closer look at the secrets Pet Society fishing and the best way to load up your aquarium with all the different species on the market.

The way to Enjoy Pet Society Fishing

Pet Society fishing is carried out in the pond located near your house. Go there and straightforward toss out your line. You could should wait for a few moments, but ultimately you are going to get a bite which will be shown visually by a small splash within the water. When that splash occurs, start dragging the line in by clicking on it. Ultimately, that line will start to pull back out. Release the line for a even

10 Tips About Living Abroad

Living in a foreign culture isn’t always an easy ride and takes time to get used to. I have lived overseas for more than 13 years and lived in 3 different continents, cultures and climates. Let’s have a look at how to make the best of your experience:

Tip #1: Immerse yourself

If you are new to a country, immerse yourself: check out the public transport system, visit museums and galleries, drink coffee and tea at local cafes, join the gym, and talk to local people.

Tip #2: Learn the language

Enroll in a language class teaching the language most people speak. This will allow you to slowly converse with the people at the shops, hair dresser, taxi driver etc. and will give you a good insight into the culture.

Tip #3: Stop comparing

If you continuously compare your home country with your country of residence you won’t do yourself a favor. The fact is they are different, some things are better and some things are more challenging.

Tip #4: Write a journal

Write a personal journal about your experience living abroad. You might also want to stick in newspaper